Brand Communication


Bachelor of Arts


6 Semester



Do you…?

  • …want to use your communication skills to create ground-breaking advertising campaigns that convince consumers and boost brands?
  • …seek a successful career in an agency, startup or brand managing company?
  • …want to learn from one of the world’s leading industrial nations?
  • …prefer studying in a safe and attractive cosmomolitan city? 
  • …want to study in English (German optional in 1st year)?

Then Brand Communication is the perfect choice. And Hamburg, Germany, the perfect place to be.

Our new study focus Brand Communication launches in October 2017. We’ve crafted it to be your entry ticket to the world of agencies, startups and brand managing companies.

Throughout your studies, our Project Partners will test your skills and determination time and time again by asking you to solve real-life brand communication problems. Rest assured you will be challenged by some of the best Germany has to offer. Recent national Project Partners of Brand Academy include Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, Beiersdorf, Bosch and Jung v. Matt – just to name a few. German subsidiaries of foreign enterprises, such as BAT, Danone, Publicis and American Express, too, have challenged our students in the past.

To impress such demanding partners, you will have to combine your conceptional and creative talents with a thorough understanding of consumer needs. Only this combination of Logic & Magic creates communications that are relevant to consumer lives. And only relevant communications will boost the brands you are in charge of. To maximize that boost, you will have to use the entire range of contemporary channels.

If you are admitted into Brand Communication, you will definitely be following a fascinating and challenging curriculum. Chances are, you will also be working late, drinking lots of coffee (or energy drinks), and be scared of your next presentation at your Project Partner’s HQ – until its over and you’ve nailed it (again)!

Brands are stories. By the end of your studies you will be an expert storyteller. You will be ready for the advertising world – because you’ve been part of it since your very first day at Brand Academy.

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